Capacity Management

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What is Capacity Management?

The process responsible for ensuring SLA Capacity needs are designed and delivered.

  • Business Capacity Management: Understand the customers Capacity needs and translates them to IT Services
  • Service Capacity Management: Identifies the IT Services required to deliver to customer Capacity needs as defined in the SLA
  • Component Capacity Management: Identifies and manages the key components of IT Services that are Capacity related

What does good look like?

  • An understanding of Business Capacity requirements
  • An understanding of SLA Capacity targets
  • Confidence in the delivery of SLA Capacity targets
  • Regular meetings with customers to capture new Capacity requirements
  • Regular meetings with Demand Management to discuss long term Capacity requirements


Video of ITIL Capacity Management

Orientation workshop for your organisation

  • Who is the Capacity Manager? Several?
  • Where is an overview of SLA Capacity targets?
  • What Operational Level Agreements should be in place?
  • How can we plan better for future Capacity requirements?
  • Where is an overview of Business Capacity requirements?
  • How often is this overview updated?
  • What can be improved?
  • How/Where am I involved in this area of work?

Simple as possible work description for a Capacity Manager

  • Meet customers to discover true Business Capacity requirements
  • Match Business Capacity requirements to IT Service Capacity
  • Have continual dialog with Service Level Managers and Demand Managers to discover any Capacity related changes