Demand Management

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Demand Management

What is Demand Management

  • Understand supply and demand of resources and capabilities
  • The link between long term customer demand to short term IT service capacity management

What does good look like?

  • "Fewer short term surprises/shocks" for Capacity Management
  • Business Case for all services in the Service Pipeline (Service Portfolio)

What are the main activities of Demand Management?

  • Understand Patterns of Business Activity
    • When are our customers using our IT services?
    • When are they not using our services but we thought they were?
    • Which services are they not using but we thought they were?
    • What peaks in demand will exist in the future that we should know about?

Video of ITIL Demand Management

Here would be a video of ITIL Demand Management

Orientation workshop for your organisation

  • Who is the Demand Manager?
  • What long term demand is coming from our customers?
  • What resources (money) are required to meet the Service Portfolio (pipeline) requirements?
  • What capabilities (skills) are required to meet the Service Portfolio (pipeline) requirements?
  • Go meet customers and impress by understanding their long term requirements from us as a provider

Simple as possible work description for a Demand Manager

  • Understand Patters of Business Activity
  • Translate customer demand to IT service delivery