Access Management

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What is Access Management?

  • A process to manage rights to services
  • Note: Sometimes this process is merged together with Request Fulfilment

What does good look like?

  • Only the right people have the right access to the right information at the right time
  • The security policies are being enforced

Eg. New employees get proper access Eg. Employees that have quit/left do not still have access

A simple Access Management process consists of:

  • Somebody requests updated rights
  • Verification (Are they who they say they are, Should this user have these rights?)
  • Update rights
  • Proactively check rights to users and groups
  • Log access activities

Video of ITIL Access Management

Orientation workshop for your organisation

  • Who is the Access Manager? Several? Merged together with another process?
  • Where is an overview of Access requests?
  • Where can I find security policies?
  • What questions do we ask to customers verify information?
  • How are deviations managed? Followed up?
  • How/Where am I involved in this area of work?

Simple as possible work description for an Access Manager

  • Right access to right users at right time