Continual Service Improvement

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What is Continual Service Improvement?

Step by step improvements for Services, Processes, Technology and People.


Processes in Continual Service Improvement

  • There are several main concepts within CSI
    • Plan, Do, Check, Act model of Edward Deming
    • 7 Step improvement process
    • CSI Approach
  • Here is an image showing the CSI 7 step improvement process:


and below is an image showing the CSI Approach. This approach is referred to in the video.


What does Continual Service Improvement mean for me at my organisation?

The following is an example of an orientation worksheet and should be answered and discussed in internal workshops.

  • What is the organisational vision?
  • What does the organisational vision mean for me?
  • What is the package I deliver to Sykehuspartner?
  • How am I measured?
  • Where does my work come from?
  • Where does the result of my work go?