Design Coordination Management

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What is Design Coordination?

  • An ITIL process in Service Design

What's the purpose of having Design Coordination?

  • Having a single process to coordinate all the activities within the Service Design stage
  • Ensuring that Service Design contributes to customer outcomes
  • Ensuring production of Service Design Packages and the handover of these to Service Transition
  • Deal with conflicts and issues that may arise within Service Design

What does good look like?

  • Policies and Design methods are up to date and being used
  • Optimal use of resources and capabilities within Service Design
  • Coordinated Design activities
  • Control over issues and risks within Service Design
  • Continual improvement of Service Design

What is a Service Design Package?

  • The SDP could be in the form of a single document, or several documents. Usually, it’s a directory/folder of all related documents required for effective design of the service.
  • Not all SDPs are the same (like, e.g., not all the project plans are the same) – it depends on the service and on whether we develop a new service, or make a small, significant, or major change on an existing service.
  • There could even be situations when no changes in the SDP are required (e.g., smaller changes that were done before, when the SDP already exists and could be used again).

Video of ITIL Design Coordination

Orientation workshop for your organisation

  • Who is the Design Coordination Manager? Several?
  • Where is an overview of the Service Design Packages?
  • How/Where am I involved in this area of work?
  • How does Design Coordination relate to my area of work?
  • When are Service Design Packages requested in our area of work?

Simple as possible work description for a Design Coordination Manager

  • Ensure SDPs are handed over to Service Transition as agreed
  • Get all Service Design processes on improvement tracks to work better together