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Intro to ITIL

ITIL = IT Infrastructure Library.
ITIL is a set of tips, guidelines, good ideas for IT to achieve happier customers.

In ITIL, these are collectively known as best practices.

The principles behind being successful with ITIL

Following these principles works! Many long years of practical experience in organisation after organisation have proven it. And, conversely, many long years of experience have shown that ignoring these principles frequently leads to failure. However, in the end, it is not only about this framework or that framework/method/best practice; it is about delivering a better result to the customer.

Focus on delivering value, focus less on trying to be valuable!

  • Focus on value
  • Design for experience
  • Start where you are
  • Work holistically
  • Progress iteratively
  • Observe directly
  • Be transparent
  • Collaborate
  • Keep it simple

The ITIL stages explained as simple as possible

ITIL has 5 original core books that focus on different areas within IT:

  • In 2016 the ITIL practitioner book was released.

This has a lot more focus on agile ways of working (Kanban, Scrum, Lean-start-up, Cynefin).
It covers how to really implement ITIL following 9 key principles.
It also covers the people side of organisational change management, more focus on people than processes.

The stages of ITIL

Each stage in ITIL has a corresponding book by that name.

ITIL stages.jpg

The processes within each ITIL stage

Within each stage are sets of pre-defined processes. Each book has chapters for each process.

ITIL processes.jpg