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What is Problem Management?

This is an ITIL process used to find the cause of one or more incidents.

  • The ITIL definition of 'problem' = The unknown cause of one or more incidents

Problem Management needs to find temporary fixes (workarounds) to Incidents and the permanent solution to stop those incidents from re-occurring.

What does good look like?

  • Problem Management helps Incident Management with temporary solutions to Incidents
  • Permanent solutions are documented and sent formally to Change Management

Typical activities in ITIL Problem Management

  • Detect problems
  • Log problems
  • Categorise problems
  • Prioritise problems
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Workaround found? Inform Incident Management and document in the Known Error Database
  • Permanent solution found? Send to Change Management in a Request for Change ticket
  • Close problem

What are the 2 main types of Problem Management

  • Proactive : Looking at historical Incidents and finding trends
  • Reactive : Waiting for Incidents to occur before looking for causes

Video of ITIL Problem Management

Orientation workshop for your organisation

  • Who is the Problem Manager? Several?
  • Where is an overview of the current problems?
  • How do we prioritise problems? Impact + urgency? + other factors?
  • What questions do we ask to customers with problems, to get as much information as possible?
  • How do we train on scenarios where problem solving is crucial for customers?
  • What methods of problem solving are our customers, suppliers using?
  • What methods are we using?
  • How can we improve our methods?
  • How does our Incident Management interface with Problem Management?
  • What can be improved?
  • How/Where am I involved in this area of work?

Simple as possible work description for a Problem Manager

  • Keep Incident Management happy with workarounds for customers
  • Have control over all problems (Backlog, In progress, Resolved)
  • Train solving problems with users, customers and suppliers