Request Fulfilment

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What is Request Fulfilment?

A process to deal with issues an requests from users. Anything that is not an incident could be handled through this process. For incidents then follow Incident Management.

Requests are usually:

  • Low cost
  • Low risk
  • High frequency

This process usually takes orders from customers (laptops, telephone, keyboard etc)

What does good look like?

A simple yet effective process is the goal.

The steps are usually similar to:

  • Receive request from user
  • Log the request
  • Categorise the request
  • Prioritise the request
  • Authorise the request
  • Do/Buy/Order/Deliver the request
  • Ask user for closure of request

Video of ITIL Request Fulfilment Management

Orientation workshop for your organisation

  • Who is the Service Request Manager? Several?
  • Where is an overview of Service Requests?
  • Where are customer Service Request menus?
  • How can we make the ordering process even simpler for our customers?
  • What authority can the Service Desk be given for certain requests, that they do not have today?
  • How can we reduce any backlog of requests?
  • How/Where am I involved in this area of work?

Simple as possible work description for a Service Request Manager

  • Impress the customers through simplicity
  • High customer satisfaction scoring from customers regarding ordering small requests