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What is Service Design?

The design of new or changed services for introduction into a test or production environment.

In order to reach good IT service management, Service Design recommends the effective and efficient use of the 4 P's:

  • People: The right people doing the right things
  • Processes: The right way
  • Products: With the right products, tools and technologies
  • Partners: With support from the right partners

The 5 main aspects of Service Design

Remember STAMP (first letter of each aspect):

  • Service Solutions: Often the service solution is packaged in a Service Design Package
  • Tools: Example being the Service Portfolio which supports almost everything else by providing what we deliver, the status and the value to the customers
  • Architecture: Including technology and management architectures
  • Measurement methods: In order to manage, we need some form of measurement methods
  • Processes: Designing activities to be included in processes.

Processes in Service Design

What does Service Design mean for me at my organisation?

The following is an example of an orientation worksheet and should be answered and discussed in internal workshops.

  • Who works with Service Design?
  • Who is the Service Design manager? Several?
  • How is my work involved with Service Design?
  • Which of the Service Design processes am I involved with?
  • Where can I find our Service Level Agreements?
  • Where can I find our Service Catalog?