Service Strategy

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What is Service Strategy?

The idea is to develop the capacity to achieve and maintain a strategic advantage.

  • 4 Ps: (Mintzberg, 1994)
    • Perspective: (Have a clear vision)
    • Position: (Have a clear "where are we now" stance)
    • Plan: Be clear on how to move forward
    • Pattern: Keep the momentum going, maintain decision making

Processes in Service Strategy

Workshop: What does Service Strategy mean for me at my organisation?

The following is an example of an orientation worksheet and should be answered and discussed in internal workshops.

  • What is the organisational vision?
  • What does the organisational vision mean for me?
  • What is the package I deliver to my organisation?
  • How am I measured?
  • Where does my work come from?
  • Where does the result of my work go?