Strategy Management for IT Services

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What is Strategy Management for IT Services

A process to ensure that the IT strategy is defined, maintained and achieves its purpose.

The IT strategy should be defined by the overall business strategy.

What does good look like?

  • A short and simple IT vision

is translated into:

  • SMART strategic objectives

which are linked up to:

  • Organisational team plans

What are the main activities?

Having answers to these questions:

  • Specification of types of services to be delivered
    • What should we deliver?
    • Who are the customers of these services?
    • What business outcomes are we helping customers achieve?

Video of Strategy Management for IT Services

Here would be a video of ITIL Strategy Management for IT Services

Orientation workshop for your organisation

  • What is the organisational vision?
  • What are the SMART strategic objectives to be reached?
  • What is my departments/teams goals in next 6 months-1 year?
  • Ensure they are SMART
  • Explain HOW are your departments/teams goals are linked up to the strategic objectives.
  • Find overlapping goals between teams
  • Find strategic objectives that no departments/teams are delivering.

Simple as possible work description for Strategy Management for IT Services

  • Read "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek
  • Visualise the contribution every department/team is delivering to the organisations SMART strategic objectives.
  • Keep the visualisation up to date